Medicare Supplement Plans: Things You Should Know About

Medicare supplement plans are private health care insurance that you can buy from your insurance company. The government Medicare plan does not cover all your medical needs at all. So you need to buy any of those Medicare supplement or medical advantage plans. It is totally different from the original Medicare and the Medicare advantage plan. There is certain eligibility to own such plans. And there are certain facts you should know about Medicare supplement. These things will help you to deal with Medicare insurance even better way.

  • Time to apply:

Generally, people when crosses their 65th birthday is eligible for any Medicare plans. In case you are in a Medicare advantage plan you can also go for Medicare supplement plan but you have to leave your Medicare advantage plan before that. One cannot run the both supplement and advantage insurance plan. It is advisable to apply for the plan as early as possible. It takes approximately six months to finish all the Medicare plan procedure though you will get the original Medicare benefit from the beginning.

  • Advantages:

The best thing about AARP medicare supplement plan f is it is a standardized plan. There are different private insurance companies which offer this health insurance but the plan benefits are same. You just have to pay different costs and in different system according to your separate plan from plan A to plan N. the supplement plan also includes services such as copayments, yearly deductibles which you don’t get in an original Medicare. It also covers many out of pocket costs. You will get travel emergency medical service also.

  • Things it doesn’t work:

Like the original Medicare and medicare advantage plan there are some cons in the Medicare supplement plan also. Unlike Medicare advantage plan it does not offer long term costs. You will not get the private nursing service, dental facility, hearing aids and eye glasses from this supplement plan. Other than that Medicare supplement plan also not covers all the prescription drugs. Some of the insurer may offer few prescribe drugs under this but not all.

  • Other important facts:

Medicare supplement plans are for individual persons. If you want to insure your spouse, you have to get a separate plan. And you may get some discounts in monthly payments or so if you choose the same insurance company. To get the Medicare supplement plan you need to have a member of Medicare plan A and B. Without having plan B, you are not eligible for any Medicare supplement plan.