How To Improve Type 2 Diabetes Care

One of the most difficult situations to deal with is diabetes because it increases the risk of having other dangerous diseases. Taking care of diabetes takes long term and consistent care. Diabetes type 2 is really dangerous and can be taken care off if you’re willing to commit to yourself everyday so as to lead a healthy life like everyone else. One of the most important aspects to start with is checking your sugar levels and taking your medicines as prescribed on time. Eat healthy diet designed specifically for diabetes patients and do exercises on regular basis will definitely help you control diabetes. More than 90% of diabetes care depends on you. You can remain healthy if you can control your daily activities and follow the simple instruction given by your doctor or any medical expert in that field.

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Let’s jump at the steps you need to take in order to take care of diabetes type 2;

Know Your A1C Number

The first thing you want to do is identify your A1C number. This number provides the average score of blood sugar level for the past 3 months; you’ll get the number in percentage. Your adviser will recommend the best target for you every month, but generally speaking your A1C should fall below 7% if you really don’t want to have complications. If you want to control your A1C number you must change your diet and other activities.

Lose More Weight.

If you have diabetes and you’re struggling with overweight it’s advisable you try and shade some pounds. It’s really difficult if you want to lose many pounds, but you can start with small and achievable goals, even losing 10-15 pounds can make an impact. You don’t necessarily have to visit the gym every day, you can try walking and other small tasks that can help you achieve your goals.

Always Eat The Right Food.

Eating a healthy meal ensures that your sugar level stays within the minimum range required. Eat small but frequently, and must know the amount of carbohydrates you take daily, this is a must for any diabetes type 2 patients. Cutting down starchy foods, sugary foods, and fats will keep you on track. Dietitian can help you plan your meals accordingly. Most people believe if they have diabetes they’re restricted on most diets, but that’s not true, you can have that delicious cake but you can’t have it on a daily basis.

Exercise is very important for diabetes type 2 patients because it plays a great role in stabilizing their blood sugar, you don’t have to be in the gym, and any physical exercise can work. Spend at least 30 minutes every day doing some physical activity. It’s also important to check with your doctor before you begin any exercise program.